Why should summer clear fire, dispel dampness, avoid rashness and control anger

Why did the ancient Chinese attach so much importance to the cultivation of "heart" in summer? On the one hand, in summer, it is easy to consume the Yang Qi of the heart; On the other hand, people in hot weather are prone to sweat, and traditional Chinese medicine has always regarded sweat as the "liquid of the heart". Excessive sweating naturally consumes the Yin fluid of the heart. The injury of heart Yin and Yang is indeed an important reason for the frequent occurrence of heart disease in summer. In addition, from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the heart and the small intestine are outward and inward, and the heart fire is easy to move down the small intestine, which can cause yellow urine, little urine, urgency and pain. More importantly, the heart is also the "spiritual place", which dominates people's emotions and thinking and consciousness activities. When the heart is hot, it is easy to be restless and restless and affect sleep.

What is the secret of raising "heart" in summer? To put it simply, we should properly adjust our daily life and emotions according to the characteristics of the intersection of heaven and earth, yin and Yang, flourishing growth of all things and vigorous metabolism in summer.

1. Work and rest

Sleeping at night and getting up early - it is better to go to bed later and get up earlier than in spring; In combination with the characteristics of long days in summer, take a nap at noon as much as possible to nourish the heart Yang and help relieve fatigue.

2. Activities

Never tired of the day - it is windy in the morning and evening, and the air is relatively good. The time for outdoor activities can be appropriately extended. It is forbidden to shut in the air-conditioned room in the early morning without sweating. If the cold is too hot for a long time, it will hurt the body; However, it is hot in the afternoon, and it is easy to suffer from heatstroke. Try to reduce the activity time in the hot sun or the exposure to the sun.

3. Mentality

To avoid impetuosity and temper anger - when summer is sad, people's emotions fluctuate greatly. To avoid impetuosity and temper anger, the mind will naturally cool. With peace of mind, no depression, no anger, and full of spirit, he is devoted to life and work.

4. Diet

Clearing fire and dispelling dampness - in summer, people are prone to sweat and consume a lot of heart Yin fluid. From the perspective of modern medicine, excessive sweating is likely to cause electrolyte disorder. You can drink some light saline or sugar water to relieve "body thirst".

In summer, there is more rain and more moisture. Therefore, it is necessary to clear the fire and remove the dampness in time. You can drink some herbal tea properly to clear the heart fire, facilitate urination, and take away the heat and moisture in your body.

Light and natural diet is the basic principle of food and nutrition in summer. In fact, watermelon, winter melon and cantaloupe in summer are rich in water, and have good effects of clearing fire, moistening dryness and nourishing yin. Therefore, they should be selected in daily diet. Watermelon, especially known as "natural white tiger soup", can not only replenish water in time, relieve heat and thirst, but also have multiple effects such as diuresis, detoxification, blood pressure reduction and kidney edema, which can obviously promote the metabolism of the body. In addition to eating melon meat at ordinary times, you can also cut off the melon skin and add an appropriate amount of rock sugar water to boil into a soup and often drink.

The essential "three treasures" in summer: plantain, bamboo leaves and white grass root. They have the functions of clearing heat, diuresis, clearing heart and eliminating annoyance. Moreover, they are cheap, easy to take, fast and safe, and suitable for young and old. The following soup methods can be used for reference:

1. White grass root, winter melon and mung bean soup

Proper amount of winter melon and mung bean, 30g of white grass root, efficacy: clear heat, quench thirst, clear heart and diuresis. Suitable for heatstroke prevention and cooling.

2. Bamboo leaf tea

Several fresh bamboo leaves, preferably the tender leaves in the heart of the bamboo leaves, are soaked in water instead of tea; Efficacy: clearing heat and diuresis, clearing the heart and eliminating annoyance. It is suitable for those with hyperactivity, irritability, red urine and pain.

3. White grass root rock sugar tea

A bundle of white grass roots, a proper amount of rock sugar, and water instead of tea; Efficacy: it can clear the heart and remove annoyance, diuresis and nourish yin, and is suitable for those who are upset and thirsty, and have little urine.

4. Plantain grass tea

Wash the grass in front of the car and soak it in water instead of tea; Efficacy: heat clearing and diuretic, suitable for those with yellow urine, less urine, pain and urgency.


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