Water is the best summer drink

 Water is the source of life. Man's need for water is second only to oxygen. Water is the best summer drink. In hot summer, it is difficult to get rid of the heat. The elderly should pay attention to water replenishment in summer health care.

1. Active drinking is a good habit

The body fluid of the elderly is about 15% less than that of the middle-aged and young people, so the heat balance and heat resistance of the elderly are poor. If water is not regularly and timely replenished, physiological water shortage is likely to occur, which will increase the body temperature, affect the normal circulation of blood, and easily induce serious diseases such as hypertension, cerebral thrombosis and myocardial infarction. Lack of water will also cause constipation, difficulty in excretion, and induce hemorrhoids and anal fissure, making people miserable. Therefore, the elderly should develop the habit of drinking water actively in summer.

2. Drinking water in the morning can prevent disease

After getting up, if you drink two glasses of water on an empty stomach, it can not only effectively supplement the water shortage caused by physiological water loss, but also reduce the viscosity of blood, speed up blood circulation, promote the rapid discharge of metabolic wastes such as feces and urine, and play an important role in preventing the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as cerebral obstruction, cerebral thrombosis, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, angina pectoris, and diseases such as urinary system stones and urinary tract infections.

3. Tea quenches thirst most

Tea is rich in vitamins and other nutrients. Drinking tea every day in midsummer can not only replenish the essential substances of human body such as water and lost vitamins, but also generate saliva, quench thirst, refresh the mind, increase appetite, and have the effects of detoxification and sterilization. However, there are "four Taboos" for the elderly to drink tea: first, it is appropriate to be light and avoid being strong; Second, the inlet water temperature should be cool rather than hot; Third, it is appropriate to drink a small amount slowly and avoid drinking too much at a time; Fourth, it is advisable to drink boiled water before bed and avoid drinking tea to avoid adverse reactions.

4. Drinking water should be adequate every day

Drinking too much water in the elderly will make the cells swell and cause water poisoning. Among them, brain cells respond most quickly. Once brain cells become edema, the consequences will be extremely serious. A healthy adult must drink 6-8 cups of water every day, in addition to eating and drinking, to ensure the needs of the body and the basic balance of body fluids.

5. Drinking too much will do more harm

Some elderly people like to drink a lot of boiled water or other drinks after physical exercise and housework. This "rapid filling" drinking method will suddenly increase the burden of the heart, cause the blood concentration to drop suddenly, cause the heartbeat to be too fast, resulting in panic and dizziness. Patients with heart disease are more likely to be dangerous, and will suddenly dilute the gastric juice, damage the gastric mucosa, and affect appetite and stomach digestive function. At the same time, the water replenishment speed is too fast, and the water is difficult to be normally absorbed by the body tissues for a time. It can not effectively quench thirst, but also cause a lot of sweating, leading to arrhythmia and blood pressure.

6. Salt water and tea are the most thirsty

In summer, a lot of sweat takes away salt, vitamins, potassium, magnesium and other trace elements. If you only drink boiled water, the water entering the body will not only be difficult to enter the blood vessels and remain in the cells, but also easily penetrate the sweat glands and bladder and be quickly discharged from the body. It will not only be difficult to relieve the thirst, but will produce uncomfortable reactions such as palpitation and dizziness. If you add a small amount of salt (about 1g salt in 500ml water) to the drinking boiled water, you can keep the body hydrated and quench thirst. Drinking tea every day in midsummer can not only replenish water and essential substances such as lost vitamins, but also generate saliva, quench thirst, refresh the mind, enhance appetite, and have the effects of detoxification and sterilization.

7. Best drink: boiled water

Physiologists at home and abroad believe that boiled water has very ideal physiological activity on human metabolism and is easily used by the body through the cell membrane. Its health care effect is incomparable to many high-end drinks. Boiled water is very easy to penetrate into the skin and body cells and tissues, so that the subcutaneous fat is "semi liquid", thus slowing down the dry and wrinkled skin of the face and the whole body.


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