Ten factors of disharmony in sexual life and ten factors add points to sex

 The disharmonious sexual life of husband and wife will affect their feelings. Why is sexual life disharmonious? It turns out that marital sex taboos are causing trouble. What are the taboos of marital sex? What can I do to promote perfect sex? Let's learn about it!

10 taboos on marital affairs

1. Avoid having sex with disease: those who suffer from some serious sexually transmitted diseases and have been instructed by the doctor not to have sex should not listen to the doctor's advice and force themselves to have sex. Those who suffer from infectious diseases and are infectious should also avoid sex, especially those who suffer from certain sexually transmitted diseases. If you have sex with a disease, the victim is not only yourself, but also some diseases can be transmitted to your lover through sexual organs, which should be avoided.

2. Avoid sexual life when fatigue is not eliminated. Sexual life needs to consume a certain amount of physical strength, and when physical or mental fatigue occurs, sexual life often fails to reach a climax, and the effect of satisfying both parties cannot be received. Especially, sexual life immediately after fatigue will damage health.

3. Don't force yourself to engage in sex when you're in a bad mood: some couples force themselves to have sex when one of them is in a bad mood. Not only can they not get the harmony of sex life, they will also make the party in a bad mood resent it. If it happens repeatedly, it will lead to women's sexual apathy or men's impotence.

4. Avoid having sex during menstruation: during menstruation, when the cervix is open, having sex at this time is very easy to infect and cause inflammation of the uterus or accessories.

5. Sex after drinking: some people are used to having sex after drinking, and some even think that having sex after drinking will "improve the quality". In fact, after drinking, especially after drinking a lot of strong alcohol, it will lead to the male genital erection not hard or premature ejaculation, which will hinder the harmony of sexual life, and the pregnancy after drinking will endanger the fetus.

6. Don't pay attention to genital hygiene: unsanitary sexual organs pose a threat to the health of both parties, bringing their bacteria and other disease sources into the other party's body and damaging the health of the lover. On the contrary, a clean, relaxed and happy environment and both parties washing their lower bodies before each sexual life are not only beneficial to the health of both husband and wife, but also conducive to the harmony and satisfaction of sexual life.

7. Avoid the idea of men being inferior to women: some people still have the idea of men being inferior to women in sexual life and show it. The most common is that the man does what he wants, does not listen to or respect the woman's opinions, or acts rudely or even rudely. This feudal consciousness and wrong practice will seriously damage the wife's self-esteem, not only destroy the husband and wife's feelings, but also make the woman gradually hate sex life, and eventually lead to sexual apathy, which is one of the important reasons for the breakdown of the husband and wife relationship.

8. Do not prepare adequately and hurriedly: some husbands do not understand the physiological characteristics of women's sex, do not do a good job in preparation and rush to have sex, or because of a short time, rush and hastily withdraw. These practices can not make the woman reach orgasm, not only won't have a love for sexual life, but also bring pain, which is the main reason for women's sexual apathy.

9. Do not have sex when you are full or hungry: because the stomach and intestines are full and the blood supply of the brain and other organs of the body is relatively insufficient, you should not have sex just after eating. On the contrary, if you are hungry, your physical strength decreases and your energy is not sufficient, it is often difficult to achieve the satisfying effect when you have sex at this time.

10. Avoid excessive nervousness or shyness: most newlyweds. Because of extreme mental tension or shyness, it is easy to cause premature ejaculation of the man, or pain (vaginal spasm) in the woman's sexual life, affecting the pleasure. When a husband and wife have sex, they should try their best to maintain a relaxed and happy mood, and the woman need not feel shy about it. They should be calm and generous, and actively cooperate closely with their husband. Only in this way can the quality of sex life be guaranteed and the sex life be harmonious and happy.

10 factors to add points to perfect sex

1. Remember the importance of breathing.

Breathing has a major effect in every activity, and sex is no exception. In the process of passion for sex, the smoother the breath, the better the sex. Take a deep breath in the test exercise, which will strengthen your skill.

2. Teamwork.

Men and women like both sides to complete their needs together. They should think about the benefits of both sides, rather than each other. Only when the two sides are in the same boat, can they be full of sexual interest.

3. Automatic right of communication.

In the process of the activity, if you are always passive and have no dominant opportunity, you will certainly be dull. So is sex. The moderate replacement of the automatic right between men and women will bring more novelty to sex.

4. I can handle it with ease.

There is a need for inevitable running in between husband and wife, and sexual skills need to explore theory and progress in theory.

5. Set goals and work for them.

Both husband and wife have their own characteristics. The two sides work together to formulate plans on the frequency and position of sex making, which will help both sides communicate and understand each other and promote the diversity and interest of sex making methods.

6. Constantly improve skills

The discouraged activists are not superior at all. Learning new skills will help to maintain the passion of interaction between husband and wife. If a method of making love still fails after repeated tests, there is no harm in changing a new method.

7. Progress and adaptability.

Work is always changing, and abnormal conditions can occur in the process of activities. When making love, I can also present unexpected situations, face them and deal with them vigorously.


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