Summer naps are the most important and 30 minutes of sleep is the best

Summer nights are hot and humid, many people do not sleep well, tossing and turning in bed, very uncomfortable. If you then reduce the amount of sleep because of this, you tend to be in a particularly bad mood. "In fact, there is no problem with sleeping one hour less in summer than in other seasons, it is to be noted that the time to go to sleep should not exceed 12:00 pm.

Summer is characterized by long days and short nights, people go to bed late and get up early, sleep time is relatively short, is in line with the natural principles of health. Chinese medicine experts said, "The weather is too hot, also not easy to fall asleep, than the usual postponement of sleep for about half an hour, the morning or according to the usual time up, or even get up about half an hour earlier, there is no impact on health."

However, it is not possible to rigidly postpone sleep time or even stay up late. "If you don't fall asleep in time when you are sleepy, it will be difficult to fall asleep or even have insomnia after the best time.

Experts suggest that sleeping time should not exceed 12 o'clock at night in summer. Chinese medicine advocates that people must take a nap in the afternoon, which is from 11:00 at night to 1:00 in the morning of the next day, and noon is from 11:00 to 13:00 in the day. If the elderly can take a nap at noon every day, it will be beneficial to health.

In summer, you should pay special attention to siesta. At noon in summer, the bright sun is the most likely to hurt people. In addition, the summer nights are short, so it is more necessary to take a nap in the daytime to eliminate fatigue and replenish energy. Take a nap within half an hour.

Pay attention to sleep and health in summer, and diet should not be ignored. Summer diet should be light, less greasy and easy to digest. In hot summer, I sweat a lot, so I should drink some drinks to help my body radiate heat. Replenishing water, salt and vitamins can play a role in clearing heat and relieving heat. Such as watermelon, mung bean, lily, etc., all have good heat clearing and heat relieving effects, spleen strengthening and Yin nourishing effects. Don't just take advantage of the time, indulge in cold drinks, damage the spleen and stomach, and then interfere with sleep.


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