Nine tips for moisture removal in summer (how to remove moisture in summer)

 In summer, during the season of moisture reproduction, some people don't sweat, and the moisture in their bodies will be heavier. Excessive moisture will always cause people to have dark yellow complexion, bloated skin and low spirits. So how to get rid of moisture in summer? It is recommended that you boil some Adlay red bean water at ordinary times, which is mainly used to remove dampness, moisturize intestines, defecate, nourish hair, moisturize skin, eliminate pigment spots, and significantly improve facial acne and rough skin.

Performance of moisture

1. When washing in the morning, look at your complexion and tongue coating

Severe symptoms of moisture: swollen eyelids or lower eyelids in the morning; When I look in the mirror, I find my tongue is thick and greasy; The tongue is fat, or there are obvious tooth marks on the edge of the tongue. In summer, people with wet spleen often feel sticky in their mouth, dark and yellowish.

2. When eating, look at your appetite

Severe symptoms of moisture: when it's time to eat, I don't feel hungry and don't want to eat anything; I feel bloated in my stomach after eating a little; There is a faint feeling of nausea during eating, as if the food you eat goes up on its own.

Most people will have decreased appetite and digestive function in the humid and hot environment in summer. But there are also some people whose appetite is not affected and have a strong sense of hunger, but they will feel full immediately after eating. This is a sign of strong stomach and weak spleen, and also a sign of spleen dampness.

3. Look at your mental state when working

Severe symptoms of dampness: you feel chest tightness and feel comfortable if you want to breathe a long breath; Feel heavy limbs or body, and even feel sore all over; The body is particularly tired and lazy to move; When moving, the joints are tight and seem to be inflexible; Have a feeling of dizziness and not fresh mind; Prone to sleepiness, sometimes memory loss.

Small ways to remove moisture

1. Drink Adlay red bean porridge (made with soybean milk machine):

Job's tears, known as "job's tears" in traditional Chinese medicine, are listed as the top grade in Shennong herbal classic. It can cure dampness, benefit the intestines and stomach, eliminate edema, strengthen the spleen and stomach, and lighten the body and Qi after taking it for a long time.

Red beans are red, red into the heart, so it can also nourish the heart and blood. Ancient books record that it "makes people thin after taking it for a long time", that is to say, eating red beans often has the effect of losing weight. It also has obvious effects of diuresis, detumescence and strengthening the spleen and stomach.

Modern people have great mental pressure and deficiency of heart and Qi; Improper diet, less exercise, spleen deficiency and dampness. We should not only remove dampness, but also tonify the heart, but also strengthen the spleen and stomach. It is job's tears and red beans. Boiling it into porridge is intended to make its effective ingredients fully absorbed by the human body without causing much burden on the spleen and stomach.

Summer is the time when the heat is scorching, and the inside is wet and the outside is wet. Using these two drugs can just play a role of nourishing blood and removing dampness.

2. Exercise perspiration balance hormone dispelling dampness:

Sweating during exercise is a good way to remove moisture; Especially in summer, don't turn on the air conditioner and fan. Sweat must come out of your body, otherwise your humidity is too heavy, and you will definitely get sick in winter.

It's very beneficial for your body to take proper exercise every day. Exercise can relieve pressure, activate the operation of body organs, and accelerate the excretion of moisture.

Modern people use their brains more, consume less physical energy, and have long expected to sweat less in closed air conditioning, so their body's ability to regulate humidity becomes poor. Try running, walking, swimming, yoga, Tai Chi and other sports to help activate the circulation of Qi and blood and increase water metabolism.

3. Use wormwood: it is sold in drugstores. After lighting it, bake it at Guanyuan acupoint.

4. Less salt, help kidney drainage;

5. Take a nap properly;

6. Quit smoking and alcohol;

7. Eat three slices of ginger in the morning;

8. The diet is light and moderate.

The gastrointestinal system is related to nutrition and water metabolism. The best way is to eat a moderate and balanced diet.

Greasy foods such as wine, milk, fat, sweet and thick taste are not easy to digest, which is easy to cause gastrointestinal stuffiness and inflammation. Sweet fried food will make the body produce peroxide and aggravate the inflammatory reaction.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that raw and cold food, ice or cold fruits and vegetables will stagnate gastrointestinal digestion and absorption, and it is not easy to eat unlimited amounts. For example, lettuce salad, watermelon, Chinese cabbage, balsam pear, etc., it is best to add onions and ginger when cooking to reduce the chilling nature of vegetables.

9. Avoid the humidity of the environment

It is best to reduce exposure to damp environment in daily life. Especially those who are sensitive to moisture should pay attention to the following matters:

Don't sleep on the sleep on the floor directly. The moisture in the air will drop and the floor moisture is heavy, which is easy to invade the body and cause limb pain. It is best to sleep in a bed at a certain distance from the floor. Reduce going out in wet and rainy days.


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