In summer, be careful to block the skin (how antiperspirants stop perspiration)

 Although autumn has begun, the high temperature of autumn tiger still leaves the tail of summer. Sweating is also increasing. For people who love sweating, it is simply painful. Sweating often makes them embarrassed in social occasions. In order to avoid this situation, many beauties like to use a variety of antiperspirant products, which can stop sweating and deodorize. However, health hazards also follow.

Forced antiperspiration is risky

Antiperspirant products can be roughly divided into antiperspirant and antiperspirant powder, but the basic principle is to temporarily close pores through chemical components to achieve the purpose of inhibiting sweating. Sweating is a normal physiological function of the human body. This method of forcibly stopping sweating may often cause harm to the body. The human body can help dissipate heat through evaporation of sweat. At the same time, sweat also moisturizes and protects the skin. Therefore, don't be too nervous about normal sweating, and don't use antiperspirant products frequently, otherwise it may cause skin problems such as allergy, redness and swelling. In addition, if sweating is particularly fierce at ordinary times, even dripping like water, you should be careful that it is hyperhidrosis, which may be related to some systemic diseases, and you should go to the hospital for treatment in time.

The common antiperspirant products in the market can be roughly divided into two categories: antiperspirant lotion and antiperspirant powder.

Antiperspirant lotion: there are mainly three types: spray, bead walking and gel. Spray antiperspirant lotion is easy to use, and the dosage is easy to control. The nozzle does not contact the skin, so it is safe and hygienic. The ball of the bead anti perspiration lotion is specially designed for the armpit, which is convenient to apply. Congealing cream antiperspirant lotion is a popular form in the West. It is composed of wax matrix and antiperspirant active ingredients. It is easy to carry and is more suitable for men. Its disadvantage is that it is difficult to control the dosage.

Antiperspirant powder: fresh texture, similar to talcum powder, makes the skin look crystal clear, suitable for women. Antiperspirant powder and antiperspirant lotion can be used together, but it is best to choose the same fragrance type or no fragrance type. Also pay attention to the powder puff, brush and other tools of antiperspirant powder, which should be kept clean.

How does antiperspirant stop perspiration?

Commonly used topical antiperspirants are the simplest and safe treatment for mild to moderate hyperhidrosis. Commonly used antiperspirants include 6% - 20% aluminum chloride absolute ethanol solution, 5% alum, 5% tannic acid, 5% - 10% formaldehyde solution, 10% Urotropine solution and 5% Urotropine gel stick. These drugs can block the sweat gland ducts that produce sweat and shrink the secretory cells, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing sweat secretion. Some antiperspirant ingredients also have bactericidal effect and have certain curative effect on sweating.

Generally speaking, these drugs must be used continuously for a period of time before they can achieve satisfactory antiperspirant effect, and then they can be used again with reduced frequency to maintain the efficacy. Of course, the antiperspirant effect also depends on personal reaction, which varies from person to person. Because antiperspirants only temporarily inhibit the secretion of sweat glands, they will gradually return to their previous state after stopping the drug.

Health crisis caused by abuse of antiperspirant

Blocking pores leads to folliculitis

In fact, every summer, many people use antiperspirants to cause hair follicle inflammation. If you use antiperspirants too often, your pores will be blocked, and the "garbage" of your body's metabolism will not be discharged normally. If these dirty things cannot be discharged, they will pile around the pores and cause continuous irritation to the skin. Over time, it may cause skin redness, pruritus and other symptoms, and even cause folliculitis in severe cases.

Affect excretion and increase renal burden

Sweat glands are the "natural air conditioning" of the human body, which take away heat and reduce body temperature through sweating. If antiperspirants are used and forced to stop sweating, the heat will not be released, which may cause hyperthermia, dizziness, chest tightness, and even heat shock or even death.

In addition, sweating is also an important excretion channel of the human body. A healthy adult sweats about 600-3000 ml every day. The human body expels metabolic wastes such as water, urea and lactic acid from the body through sweat. If this excretion channel is blocked, it will undoubtedly increase the burden of liver and kidney detoxification. Therefore, antiperspirants can only be used locally. Do not use them all over the body, otherwise sweat cannot be discharged, which will cause difficulties in heat dissipation and detoxification, thus threatening health.

How to do more sweating under the armpit on hot days?

The first step to improve underarm sweating is to find out the causes of sweating. In addition to high temperature, pressure and emotional tension, it is also necessary to be vigilant that diseases such as hyperthyroidism and adrenal tumors will also increase sweating. Then improve the situation by changing living habits and diet.

1. Pay attention to hygiene: sweat will smell after bacterial decomposition. Keeping your body clean can reduce the growth of bacteria and prevent armpit odor. You can take a bath with disinfectant (such as drip) or disinfectant two to three times a day; If you want to go to work and can't take a bath often, you should also wash your armpits regularly. If you sweat a lot after exercise, you should take a bath as soon as possible, otherwise bacteria will breed and have a stronger odor.

2. Pay attention to diet: don't eat too many spicy and stimulating things, especially those that produce smell, such as raw onions, which will become unpleasant smell when sweat is discharged with the metabolism of the body. You should eat more calcium rich foods such as milk, bean products, shrimp skin, kelp, fish, bone soup and green leafy vegetables.

3. Reduce perspiration: body odor is particularly serious in hot days because there is more perspiration, so antiperspirants are used to reduce perspiration. Antiperspirant can block the passage of sweat secretion, and has the effect of sterilization and disinfection. Basically, it is OK to apply it once a day. If the situation is serious, it can be applied two to three times, but the number of times should not be too much.


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