How to prevent hair loss when wearing wigs?

 Entering the midsummer, the high temperature and hot weather will make the whole person oily, and the oily and sweaty hair is also the most likely to fall off, not to mention that some people tie horsetails for a long time, which is more likely to cause baldness.

Why does tying horsetail cause so much damage to hair follicles?

Hair follicles are very thin and fragile tissue. Women tie horsetails too tightly in summer, which is easy to cause external force damage to their hair. Or sleeping without blowing dry after washing their hair will cause greater friction and greater pulling, which is easy to damage hair follicles for a long time.

Although the hair falls off after pulling, there is still a chance of growth, but at this time, the hair quality and growth speed will be greatly affected.

Wear less wigs in summer

Some girls like to wear wigs, tie their hair tightly and wear a Headcover, which not only causes excessive pulling, but also keeps their hair in a stuffy and wet environment for a long time, which may cause hair follicle damage. In addition, women like to use hot air to blow and comb their hair after shampoo, or often use chemical agents to dye their hair, or use improper perm agents, which may aggravate the hair loss crisis.

In summer, it is also common to lose hair due to bacterial infection. The more obvious situation is that motorcyclists who wear safety helmets for a long time. Because their scalp is stuffy in airtight safety helmets for a long time, and the safety helmets are not clean, scalp hair follicles may be inflamed and blocked. If they deteriorate, small abscesses will appear, and even scars will form, causing hair loss.

Therefore, female motorcycle owners should also pay special attention. In addition, mold is also a killer of hair loss in summer, including athlete's foot and tinea capitis, which can cause scalp infection and even permanent hair loss in severe cases.

Long term use of contraceptives accelerates hair loss

As for the causes of female baldness, in addition to the pull baldness mentioned above, it also includes the common androgenic baldness. Most women's androgenic baldness can be observed on the scalp that the hair in various parts begins to become sparse slowly, accompanied by the spread of sparse parts.

Androgenic alopecia can be caused by many reasons, including ovarian cysts, taking contraceptives with high androgen index, pregnancy and menopause. The following hormonal contraceptives will also cause or aggravate hair loss due to the release of lutein and estrogen to inhibit ovulation, including lutein implants, hormone injections, contraceptive patches, vaginal rings, etc.

The following points should be done to prevent hair loss in summer:

1. Scientific shampoo. In summer, the climate is hot, and the body is prone to sweat. In addition, there is much dust, so it is difficult to keep the hair clean, and it is easy to have folliculitis, ringworm, etc., which makes the hair base unstable, and it is also easy to cause the hair to fall off. To this end, try to prevent dust from blocking the mouth of hair follicles and sebaceous glands in summer. Wash your hair scientifically and frequently. It is best to wash your hair every other day to ensure the health of your scalp.

2. Avoid strong sunshine in summer. Ultraviolet rays shoot directly at the head, and thermal radiation produces strong stimulation to the skin of the human head, causing hair damage and falling off. When going out for activities, it's best to wear a sunshade or hat to prevent UV damage to your hair. Excessive sunlight will make the hair wither and yellow, and the scalp sunburn.

3. Pay attention to diet and recuperation, and increase nutritional intake. People are prone to loss of appetite in summer, so they need to supplement enough protein and trace elements to ensure the nutrition of the body. Protein is an important substance necessary for the generation and nutrition of hair, but due to the muggy weather, people like light food, and the intake of meat food is relatively reduced.

If the protein supply of the human body is insufficient, the hair is easy to fall off. Eating more fresh vegetables and fruits is one of the effective ways to protect hair and prevent hair loss in summer. In addition, eat less sweets and fatty foods. Eating too much sweets and fat will make the blood in the body acidic and lead to dry and yellow hair.

4. Eat less cold drinks. If you use too many cold drinks such as ice cream, your hair will fall off more easily.

5. Take part in sports and keep fit. This is one of the best ways to eliminate tension, because tension is also one of the reasons for hair loss.


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