Food suitable for summer: cucumber improves appetite

 The diet in summer should be based on clearing and tonifying, and the principle of strengthening the spleen, eliminating heat and eliminating dampness. How to clear and replenish? Summer diet is more important, eat right, have a good appetite, and can prevent heat; If you don't eat right, the more you eat, the less you feel, which is bad for your health.

First course: Cucumber

Reason for listing: the most important influence of summer on the human body is heat dampness. When heat dampness invades the human body, it will cause pores to open, excessive sweating, Qi deficiency, spleen and stomach dysfunction and indigestion. Proper intake of cool vegetables is conducive to the production of body fluid and thirst, the elimination of heat and heat, the clearing of heat and water, the detoxification and defecation. The cucumber we often eat is the representative of cool vegetables. Summer is also the peak season for cucumber listing. It has high water content, high potassium and low sodium. It is suitable for people to supplement water and lose inorganic salts after sweating in summer.

Best match: garlic puree with cucumber is simple to use, with few materials, and has the effect of sterilization and appetite enhancement.

Best way to cook: cold cucumber is the best way to eat. People with deficiency of spleen and stomach can stir fry cucumbers or make dumplings filled with cucumbers.

The first fresh carp

Reason for listing: carp in early summer are in the spawning season. When the fish is near the spawning period, it has accumulated a lot of fat and nutrients in its body. Its body is fat and solid, so the meat tastes the most delicious and tastes sweet. In summer, the climate is warm and humid. Drinking some carp soup properly will help to dispel dampness and appetizer, benefit water and reduce swelling. From the perspective of nutrition, carp is rich in high-quality protein, minerals and vitamins, which can be easily digested and absorbed. It is suitable for all kinds of people, including children, pregnant women and the elderly.

Best match: in hot and humid weather, carp can be cooked with some moisture removing ingredients, such as tangerine peel, winter melon, scallion, etc. When coughing, you can use carp and a few scallops to cook soup and eat, which can relieve cough and asthma. The red bean carp soup is a classic food therapy to relieve nephritis edema. When the two are eaten together, it can enhance the effect of diuresis and detumescence.

The best way to cook: people are easy to get hot and dry in summer. You can choose steamed or stewed soup

First fungus fungus

Reasons for listing: fungus tastes sweet and has a flat nature, and belongs to the stomach and large intestine; It has the effects of Tonifying Qi, moistening the lungs, tonifying the brain, lightening the body and cooling the blood; Auricularia auricula is known as "blood vessel scavenger". Eating more Auricularia auricula in summer is beneficial to detoxification and defecation on the one hand, and cooling blood and increasing appetite on the other.

Best match: Tremella has the effects of moistening the lungs and generating fluid, nourishing qi and blood, nourishing the kidney and benefiting the essence. After the two ears are soaked in warm water, they are steamed together with rock sugar and water in a steamer to make the two ears soup, which has the effects of Nourishing Yin, moistening the lungs, tonifying the kidney and strengthening the brain.

The best way to cook: stir fry, cold mix and make soup.

The first grain of barley

Reason for listing: Job's tears are sweet, mild and cold in nature, containing vitamin B1 and a variety of amino acids. According to the compendium of Materia Medica, job's tears can "strengthen the spleen, benefit the stomach, replenish the lungs and clear away heat. Cook meals, treat the cold air. Fry and drink, and benefit the urine and heat." It is beneficial to water swelling, spleen strengthening and dampness removing, tendons relaxing and arthralgia removing, heat clearing and purulence removing. It is a commonly used food for water and moisture. In summer, it is a good tonic for heat dissipation and fitness.

Job's tears is a good food to remove moisture and poison in the body, and it has an anti-cancer effect. In midsummer, the rain is continuous, the air is wet and sticky, and many people will "hurt the heat". At this time, eating some barley porridge can play the role of treating dampness, benefiting the intestines and stomach, eliminating edema, and strengthening the spleen and stomach.

Best match: barley and red bean porridge. It not only dehumidifies, but also nourishes the heart. It can also strengthen the spleen and stomach. It is not only job's tears and red beans.

The best cooking method: summer heat will weaken the appetite and digestive function of the stomach and intestines. Congee food is easy to digest. It can not only help supplement the water consumed by a lot of sweating, but also quickly supplement blood sugar and energy. It is the best staple food for relieving heat.


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