Five tips to prevent damp heat in midsummer

 The humid and hot climate in summer makes people feel upset, lose appetite and feel weak, which makes people feel uncomfortable. Heat in summer is often dependent on humidity, so to prevent damp heat, we must pay attention to the improvement of daily life and diet. Let's talk about the methods to prevent dampness and heat.

In summer, people like to eat some cold dishes. Of course, most of the cold dishes are delicious only when they are made with garlic. However, in this way, the spicy moisture runs through the intestines and stomachs. Barbecue and spicy food should also be avoided. When we cook in the family, if the oil temperature is too high, it may also cause the food to grow damp and hot flames. In vegetables, mustard, onions and leeks can also grow damp heat. In meat, beef, mutton and dog meat are close to damp heat, so although these foods have some health effects, they should also be kept away.

1、 How to avoid damp heat in diet?

Eat less sweet and spicy food and drink less. Of all the food, the most humid and hot is wine.

The following foods are suitable for humid and hot constitution: mung bean, bitter gourd, winter melon, loofah, vegetable melon, celery, shepherd's purse, mustard, bamboo shoots, laver, kelp, green beans, red beans, Huiren, watermelon, pear, horseshoe, green tea, flower tea, rabbit meat, duck meat, snail, etc. It is not suitable to eat Ophiopogon japonicus, cooked land, tremella, bird's nest, snow clam, donkey hide gelatin, honey, malt enamel and other tonic drugs.

Wet and hot constitution is the most taboo to eat food cooked by high-temperature processing such as frying, frying and barbecue.

2、 Herbal tea is suitable for medical treatment, and the disease will stop immediately

Damp heat constitution is usually a transitional constitution, which is common in young people. Because people with damp heat constitution often take some drugs to clear away heat and detoxify, dispel dampness and relieve diarrhea, and resist infection due to physical pain, infection, getting angry, inflammation, and poor bowel movement. Therefore, the damp heat constitution gradually differentiates after the middle-aged and old people: some people may change into yin deficiency constitution after taking more diuretic, dampness removing, heat clearing and detoxifying drugs; However, some people gradually injure Yang Qi and turn it into Qi deficiency, Yang deficiency or phlegm dampness. In the old age, there is also a damp heat constitution, but it is not the main one. Few people still have a damp heat constitution in the old age.

Generally speaking, the drugs for dispelling dampness and heat are not very peaceful and cannot be taken for a long time. Such as Yinchen, plantain grass, light bamboo leaves, talc, Xihuang grass, chicken bone grass, kapok and so on are cold. In Chinese patent medicine, there are manna disinfection pill, Juntai oral liquid, Qingre Qushi granule, Xihuangcao granule and so on. These proprietary Chinese medicines are different from Sijunzi Decoction, Chenxia Liujun pill and Xiangsha Yangwei pill. They cannot be taken for a long time. However, if the damp heat has been removed, the tongue coating is not yellow, the urine becomes clear, the stool is smooth, and the inflammation is eliminated, the medicine should be stopped immediately. Don't take it when you don't have internal heat. It's a three part poison. The toxicity of these drugs is not small. It is even more impossible to eat some herbal tea that clears away heat and dampness, which is a bad habit in Lingnan area.

3、 In terms of mental health, sleep is guaranteed and the mind is calm

Not staying up late and ensuring the time and quality of sleep are very important to reduce and improve the constitution of damp heat. If you often stay up late, the tongue coating is yellow and thick, which is the sign of damp heat; If you have a good sleep, the thick moss will disappear and the damp heat has been removed. This shows that good sleep has the effect of eliminating damp and clearing heat. After a good night's sleep, you feel refreshed and your skin is bright and clean. Therefore, it is said that "a woman's beauty comes from sleep". Damp and hot constitution is often characterized by irritability, tension, anxiety and depression. Therefore, we should pay attention to the rest of the mind, because it can generate water and clear away heat, and it helps to ease the liver and gallbladder. How to calm your mind? First, often practice deep breathing and breathe deeply into the small abdomen; Second, listen to smooth, melodious, soothing and calming music; The third is to practice yoga, qigong, Taijiquan and graceful dance.

4、 Avoid damp and heat in daily life and comfort joints

Try to avoid long-term work and living in hot and humid environment. The humid and hot environment can be improved by air conditioning. The skin of people with damp and hot constitution is particularly susceptible to infection. It is better to wear clothes of natural fiber, cotton, linen, silk and other materials, especially underwear. Do not wear tight clothes.

Exercise: pay attention to stretching the muscles and bones, increase the flexibility of the body, and try to make the muscles and bones soft. Because of the stiffness and astringency of the joints, it is not conducive to the release of the liver and gall bladder, and will aggravate irritability, tension and anxiety.

5、 In the regulation of meridians, pay attention to the  Ganshu, Weishu, yinlingquan,, Sanyinjiao and other meridians

The main meridians for health preservation of damp heat constitution include the back bladder channel, the gallbladder channel and the spleen channel.

The main acupoints are Ganshu, Weishu, yinlingquan, Sanyinjiao (belonging to the foot Taiyin spleen channel), Yanglingquan (belonging to the foot Shaoyang gallbladder channel), Taichong (belonging to the foot Jueyin liver channel), etc.

Scraping, cupping and cupping are the first choice when the dampness and heat are obvious, which can improve yellow urine, irritability, insomnia, fatigue and pain of neck and shoulder back. Don't use moxibustion at the above acupoints. You can use finger pressure or needle pricking instead of catharsis, which can only be done by an acupuncturist.

Note: in addition, you should avoid going out in thunderstorm days. When the room is wet, you should pay attention to the smoothness of the air.


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