8 bathing methods cause diseases and endless future troubles

 Some people like to take a bath, even three times a day; Some people don't like taking a bath, maybe once a few days. Whether you like bathing or not, do you pay attention to whether the way of bathing is correct? Many people think that taking a cold bath is beneficial to health. However, the wrong way to take a bath will bring unexpected trouble.

1. Don't take a bath after drinking

Alcohol can inhibit liver function and hinder the release of glycogen. When bathing, the consumption of glucose in the human body will increase. If you take a bath after drinking, and your blood sugar is not supplemented in time, you are prone to dizziness, dizziness, general weakness, and hypoglycemic coma in serious cases.

2. Don't take a bath after a full meal

After taking a bath after a full meal, the blood vessels on the skin surface of the whole body are stimulated and expanded by hot water, more blood flows to the body surface, and the blood supply to the abdominal cavity is relatively reduced, which will affect digestion and absorption, cause hypoglycemia, and even collapse and faint.

3. Don't take a bath when you have a fever

When the body temperature rises to 38 ℃, the heat consumption of the body can increase by 20%, and the body is weak. At this time, bathing is prone to accidents.

4. Don't take a bath when your blood pressure is too low

Because the higher water temperature during bathing can dilate people's blood vessels, people with low blood pressure are prone to cerebral insufficiency and collapse.

5. Don't take a bath immediately after work

Whether it is physical or mental work, you should rest for a while before taking a bath, otherwise it is easy to cause insufficient blood supply to the heart and brain, and even fainting.

6. Don't take a bath before going to bed

Many people are used to going to bed immediately after taking a hot bath. In fact, this is an incorrect habit. It is best to take a bath 2 hours before going to bed. Sleep often comes after the body temperature drops. A hot bath will raise the body temperature and delay the release of "sleep hormones" from the brain. If you can only take a bath before going to bed one day, you can cold compress your forehead with a wet towel for 5 minutes after the bath, so that your temperature can fall back to normal level and go to sleep as soon as possible.

7. Patients with cerebrovascular disease should not take a bath often

The thermal stimulation produced during bathing will accelerate the blood flow in the patient, thereby increasing the pressure of the blood on the blood vessels. When the blood flow passes through some local lesions, it is easy to rupture blood vessels.

8. Do not take a bath immediately after cupping

You can't take a bath immediately after cupping, otherwise it is easy to hurt your skin and even cause a second cold. After cupping, the skin is in a damaged state, which is sensitive and fragile. At this time, taking a bath is very easy to cause skin damage and inflammation. If the bath water temperature is too low at this time, it will make the skin with open pores catch cold, so you must not take a bath immediately after cupping, so as to avoid getting sick.


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