6 tips for removing mites from skin itching caused by mites (which places are most susceptible to mites)

 In autumn, the mites hidden on mattresses, bedding and pillows start to make waves. Tens of millions of mites accompany you to sleep. They are easily accumulated on the skin through human contact, resulting in skin redness, swelling and itching, which is unbearable. The reproduction ability of these mites is very amazing. Once there are mites in the room, it is very difficult to completely remove them.

Which places are most susceptible to mites?

Mattresses, blankets, carpets, pillows, cloth sofas, curtains, wardrobes, etc. are the best places for dust mites to hide. As many as 6500 dust mites can be found in a pillow, while 2 million dust mites can be hidden in a mattress.

The breeding peak of dust mite is in summer. After a summer of breeding and reproduction, the number of mites has reached its peak. Therefore, do not use new mattresses and clothes after autumn if they have not been dried and cleaned, and dust mites hidden inside will cause trouble.

6 million mites sleep with you for 3 months

The quilt is often in direct contact with human skin, and it is inevitable that some human scurf and sweat will remain, which is easy to breed mites and bacteria.

Research shows that even if a clean quilt is not exposed to the sun for three consecutive months, millions of mites will breed in it. Mites are the most important allergens. In addition to causing skin allergy, they can also induce allergic diseases such as asthma and allergic rhinitis.

Experts suggest: on a sunny day, take the long-standing thick quilt to the sun for drying before use. Ultraviolet rays in the sun can kill mites, bacteria and various insect eggs in the quilt, and also make the quilt stretch and fluffy, making it more comfortable to cover.

Disinfect and remove mites by drying bedding frequently

Before using the bedding, take it to the sun for a while. Under the action of ultraviolet rays and air flow, it can not only kill the harmful microorganisms in the bedding, but also evaporate the free formaldehyde, and make the fiber of the bedding stretch and fluffy, so that people can sleep comfortably and safely.

In particular, the bedding that is being used, because of the sweat stains that people emit during sleep, the bedding will become damp over a long period of time, and it is prone to mildew. Not only does it smell bad, but also it is prone to produce cotton lice and Mucor spores.

Therefore, more attention should be paid to frequent drying and timely removal of moisture and germs in the cotton batt. This can not only increase the service life of the quilt, but also increase its elasticity and warmth keeping capacity, and is conducive to human health.

Family mite control campaign

1. Wash clothes frequently. Mites attached to bedclothes, mattresses and pillow cores are the most harmful to human body. Therefore, to remove mites, we should start with bed products.

Quilt: often dry in the sun. After drying, you can brush the surface of the quilt with a soft brush to remove the floating dust.

Mattresses: packing mattresses with special anti mite materials is a more effective way to prevent allergens. In addition, after buying a new mattress, don't tear off the plastic cloth wrapped inside, which can also reduce allergies.

Pillows: wash with 60 ℃ water for up to 20 minutes every few months. If you suffer from asthma or allergies, you should buy low sensitivity physical anti mite pillows. It is best to change them every two years.

2. Expose to the sun and pat the bedding.

Bedding that is difficult to clean, such as pillow core, quilt tire and mattress, should be often exposed to the sun and beaten. Exposure of bedding to the sun can not only kill dust mites, but also destroy various allergens. It is an effective means to eliminate dust mite allergy.

Suggestion: during the process of exposure to the sun, the bedding shall be patted at regular intervals so as to remove the dust mite corpses and metabolites on the bedding.

3. Try not to use articles that are easy to accumulate dust

Special reminder: in order to prevent mite breeding, it is necessary to minimize the use of articles that are easy to collect dust, such as heavy curtains, fabric tablecloths, open bookshelves, potted plants with planting soil, etc.

It's better not to have pets. If you have pets, you should often give them a bath. Pets can't be brought into the bedroom.

4. Try to simplify the layout of the bedroom. In order to facilitate dust removal, it is better not to lay carpets indoors, and do not place tapestries and other things that are easy to accumulate dust in the home.

In addition to being unable to go to heaven, mites go everywhere, especially on cotton and linen fabrics. So always clean and dust the clothes.

Clean the floor once every 1-2 days with a wet mop, then open the window for ventilation and keep the room clean. If the sofa has a sofa cover, it should be cleaned about half a month; If not, especially can not let go of some not easy to clean dead corners, such as sofa back, armrest, etc., these places will have a large number of dust mites.

5. Ventilate frequently. Mites like damp, high temperature, cotton and linen fabrics and lime soil environment, which is very suitable for the development and reproduction of dust mites.

Drying and frequent ventilation are powerful weapons to eliminate them. In order to thoroughly prevent and control mites in the family, it is necessary to open doors and windows frequently, adhere to ventilation and light transmission, especially pay attention to indoor ventilation and ventilation when using air conditioners.

Clean the air conditioner before turning on the air conditioner; Before you come to the heater, you should also clean the radiator. Otherwise, once the air conditioner is turned on or the heater comes, the mites hidden inside will float everywhere in the air.

6. Clean with a wet rag.

Mites and their excrement hidden in beds and sofas may fly in the air when cleaning the room, and then be inhaled into the bronchus, easily causing obvious allergic symptoms.

When cleaning, be sure to use wet rags or special anti mite rags to avoid dust rising and reduce the chance of mites dispersing through the air.

Finally, we should remind you not to store too many sweets. If you don't carefully let them enter your body, they will become a hidden danger of illness.


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