3 tips to teach you how to use air conditioner to save electricity (the most energy-saving method of air conditioner)

 The weather in summer is hot, and many people have installed air conditioners. Although the problem of heat has been solved, and the indoor is much cooler, the high power of electrical appliances often consumes electricity, so how to save is also what we need to pay attention to every day. Xiaobian introduces the most energy-saving method of using air conditioning.

Now many people are using air conditioners to adjust the temperature, making life more comfortable. However, some electrical appliances use more electricity because of their high power. But there are many power-saving tricks here. Let's take a look at the most power-saving tips of using air conditioning.

1. Many people think that the air conditioner should be turned off when the room temperature drops and turned on again when it is hot, thinking that it can save electricity. In fact, whether the air conditioner saves electricity depends largely on the number of starts. The air conditioner is most likely to consume electricity when it is turned on and off, especially when it is started, and it is also easy to lose the compressor. The correct way is to set the air conditioner to high cold state when starting up, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling as soon as possible. When the temperature is appropriate, change to medium and low air to reduce energy consumption. When setting the room temperature, do not set the temperature too low. Generally, the indoor and outdoor temperature difference should not exceed 7 ℃, and setting the temperature higher than 1 ℃ can save energy by 7% - 8%.

2. When using the air conditioner, you should make full use of the timing function. In this way, after the room temperature is reduced before going to bed at night, the air conditioner does not need to run all night. Generally, it can be set for two or three hours when going to bed. The trick of using air conditioner to save power is that if you are really afraid of heat, you can set the air conditioner to sleep at night. This function can not only make people sleep comfortably, but also achieve 20% power saving effect.

3. For those families who also need to turn on the air conditioner during the day, it is best to buy a variable-frequency air conditioner, because it can adjust the frequency and output air volume of the motor according to the indoor temperature. When the room temperature reaches the set temperature, the compressor will automatically turn to low-speed operation and low energy consumption, instead of turning on the compressor as frequently as ordinary air conditioners. Although the price of this kind of air conditioner is higher, in the long run, it will save a lot of electricity than ordinary air conditioners, and it is very cost-effective compared with the money invested at the time of initial purchase.

Warm tip: air conditioning is a good air temperature regulator, but because the power of air conditioning is relatively large, it will consume electricity if it is opened for a long time. Then we can learn some common power saving methods of air conditioning to try to avoid these problems, and we can save a lot of electricity.


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