3 kinds of sports suitable for summer to spend the midsummer comfortably

 In hot summer, it's easy to sweat even if you don't go out for exercise, but if you're afraid of sweating and don't exercise, it's not conducive to the blood circulation in the body, so even if it's hot, you'd better exercise a little. So what is the most suitable exercise in summer? Let's take a look at the introduction of experts.

Ni Zheng, chief physician of the Department of preventive medicine of Nanjing Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western medicine hospital, recommended three kinds of sports suitable for summer, which can not only exercise, but also avoid discomfort.

Swimming: quickly dissipate heat. The heat dissipation capacity of water is 15 times higher than that of air. For example, it takes 1 hour for 100 kcal of heat to dissipate in 12 ℃ air, while it takes only 4 minutes in the same temperature water. Therefore, when swimming, a large amount of heat generated by the human body can dissipate quickly, so as to maintain a constant body temperature and prevent heatstroke and other phenomena.

Fishing: nourishing the heart and eliminating dryness. The hot climate often makes people bored, anxious and "angry". Ancient Chinese health practitioners believed that fishing could relieve the "dryness and heat of the heart and spleen". Fishing requires the cooperation of brain, hands and eyes, and the help of stillness, intention and movement. It plays a positive role in improving people's vision and reaction ability. Besides, there are more negative oxygen ions in the air near lakes, streams and rivers, which help to improve human immunity.

Taijiquan: step down and refresh. The hot climate makes the metabolism of the human body particularly vigorous, and the operation of Qi and blood is correspondingly vigorous, and the blood pressure is easy to rise. Taijiquan emphasizes the effect of Qi sinking into Dantian to calm down and reduce blood pressure. In summer, high temperature and humidity are easy to make people tired and weak, chest tightness, insomnia, loss of appetite, etc. Playing Taijiquan can not only expand vital capacity, but also promote the movement of Qi and blood between the five Zang and six Fu organs, which is conducive to invigorating the spirit.

It should be reminded that the energy consumption of the human body is high in summer, and it is better to do less exercise such as running and playing ball.


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