How to deal with sleepiness? 7 ways to help you refresh your mind

 Spring is coming. Although it is a beautiful season, many people are easy to get sleepy in spring, especially office workers. They always take a nap after eating, and many people start to get sleepy at work. What should we do? Although the lunch break can help people supplement their sleep, we should also pay attention to scientific methods. Here I recommend a good way to take a nap and fundamentally eliminate spring fatigue.

Although lunch break can help people supplement sleep, make the body get full rest, enhance physical strength, eliminate fatigue and improve afternoon work efficiency, it also needs to pay attention to scientific methods, otherwise it may backfire.

1. Don't go to bed immediately after lunch

Taking a nap just after eating may cause food reflux, causing gastric juice to stimulate the esophagus, which may make people feel uncomfortable at least, and may cause reflux esophagitis in severe cases. Therefore, it is best to rest for about 20 minutes after lunch.

2. The nap time should not be too long

Nap time of more than ten minutes is enough, and those who are used to sleeping for a long time should not exceed an hour.

Because after sleeping too much, people will enter a deep sleep state, the central nervous system of the brain will deepen inhibition, the metabolic process in the body will gradually slow down, and they will feel more sleepy after waking up.

3. Take a nap in bed

The ideal nap is lying flat, which can ensure that more blood flows to the digestive organs and brain, and provide sufficient oxygen and nutrients, which is conducive to the recovery of brain function and help digestion and absorption.

Many people are used to sitting or lying on the table for siesta, which will compress the body and affect blood circulation and nerve conduction. At least, the body cannot be adjusted and rested, and serious cases may lead to cervical spondylosis and lumbar disc herniation.

In addition, after taking a nap, you should get up slowly and exercise properly. You can wash your face with cold water to wake up your body and restore it to its normal physiological state. After taking a nap, you should drink fruit juice. This is the time to supplement vitamins. You can choose the fruit juice squeezed from pears and apples.

In addition to taking lunch breaks to properly supplement sleep, it is also very important to fundamentally eliminate spring sleepiness.

1、 Use smell to stimulate refreshing.

The fragrant and cool smell can be used to stimulate the sense of smell and skin, and promote the nerve to alleviate the temporary "sleepy" feeling, such as Huo perfume, toilet water, cooling oil, essential balm, etc. Moreover, plant and raise some seasonal fragrant flowers and colorful grass, through which we can cheer up and suppress "spring sleepiness".

2、 Use visual stimulation to refresh your mind.

Keep the living and working environment clean, bright and quiet, and appropriately arrange some lively decorations, such as flowers, insects, fish and birds; Take advantage of festivals and holidays to go outing, watch scenic spots and historic sites, and eliminate "spring sleepiness" with the vitality of nature through vision.

3、 Use exercise stimulation to refresh your mind.

Every morning, insist on going to the park or the green land of the new village for early exercise, and do all kinds of sports within your power to make you energetic and energetic. Sunshine and air are priceless treasures of human health. Few people who adhere to physical exercise have "spring sleepiness".

4、 Use entertainment to stimulate refreshing.

Listening to music, comedy or crosstalk when you feel tired can often make you nervous and refreshed, which has a good effect of solving difficulties.

5、 Use taste stimulation to refresh your mind.

Balanced diet, meat and vegetable collocation, sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, salty and fresh seasoning, can stimulate human nerves and enhance appetite, so as to meet the increased energy demand of human metabolism in spring. At the same time, drink some fragrant spring tea appropriately to reduce "spring sleepiness".

6、 Use temperature stimulation to refresh your mind.

At the beginning of spring warming, skin blood vessels and pores gradually expand. At this time, we should pay attention to cold prevention and warmth preservation, because "spring Wu" can strengthen people's body temperature regulation function and reduce "spring sleepiness".

7、 Use Yang tonifying stimulation to refresh your mind.

In spring, the body's Yang Qi rises, and Qi and blood tend to the body surface, forming the physiological characteristics of Yang deficiency. At this time, appropriate supplements to nourish Yang can correct the Yang deficiency constitution, restore the dynamic balance of yin and Yang, and coordinate with the four seasons Yin and Yang in nature, so that the human body will be energetic and there will be no "spring sleepiness".


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