Harm of instant soybean milk powder

 Is it better to drink instant coffee bean paddle or traditional bean paddle? Many relatives buy instant coffee and soybean milk powder at home for convenience. They can take it with boiled water. In fact, this kind of soybean paddle is more harmful. First of all, instant coffee soya bean milk powder has a fine taste, in which the sugar content is relatively high; Secondly, there is a kind of human fat powder inside. It takes at least 55 days for the body to metabolize from the human body. What's more, it is the main factor causing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Instant coffee bean paddle.

Therefore, for the sake of their own physical and mental health, I suggest that it's better for everyone to drink traditional bean paddles. If you don't want to be able to make soybean milk at home, you can choose to buy it in a breakfast shop outside. Drinking bean paddles with rich nutrients will only take a few minutes. If the bean oars in your store are brewed with soybean milk powder, then you'd better give up this kind of practice as soon as possible. Such bean oars are not healthy and it's not easy for you to do business.

Soymilk powder is more convenient to eat, but do you know the nutritional components of instant coffee soymilk powder? Can you read the detailed explanation of the article for soymilk powder, which makes us more like eating soymilk powder. Soymilk powder has many functions. This special food can be used as a special food for breakfast, and can be eaten together with raw eggs.

1、 Does instant coffee soymilk powder have nutrients

Although having a bean paddle machine is a convenient weapon, it is not difficult to drink a cup of fresh bean paddles at home. But because there is little time, many wage earners like a more convenient method - making soybean milk powder. As everyone knows, the nutritional composition of soybean oars brewed with soybean milk powder in shopping malls is far inferior to that of fresh soybean oars. Drinking soybean milk every day is mainly to supplement protein food and natural plant ingredients, such as soybean lecithin, soybean saponin, soybean sugar content, etc. There are only soybeans and water in the current soybean paddle, and a small amount of sugar or dried fruit may be added. Among them, soybean ingredients are high, and high-quality protein and natural plant ingredients can also be reasonably guaranteed.

Soybean milk powder is not so "simple". At present, in addition to soybeans, many soymilk powders on the market will continue to add a variety of auxiliary materials, such as sugar, maltose syrup, creamer and food preservatives. Creamer, also known as milk tea powder, is used in instant coffee baby milk powder, oatmeal, freshly ground coffee, and bean oars. It can improve the taste of food, but it contains trans fat, which can increase the low-density protein in the body's blood, reduce the high-density protein, cause arteriosclerosis, and raise the risk of heart disease and brain injury accidents.

In addition, some soymilk powder is marked with "no cotton sugar" on the packaging bag, but there are many maltose syrup in the seasoning, which will also rapidly increase the blood sugar value, and it is not suitable for diabetics and pregnant women with high blood sugar. In a word, compared with grain soymilk, instant coffee soymilk powder contains less soybeans and more sugar, so as to ensure taste and shelf life, and there are a lot of food preservatives. Therefore, it is the same as a cup of soymilk, and the nutritional composition of instant coffee soymilk paddle is not as good as freshly squeezed soymilk.

2、 Practice of beating soymilk now


raw material

300g soybeans, 1000 ㏄ water, appropriate white granulated sugar


1. Wash the soybeans and make tea (the water flow should cover the soybeans), and soak for 8 hours.

2. Put the soybeans soaked in practice 1 into the juicer, add 500 ㏄ water, stir them into pulp, take a tea bag, pour the soybeans paddle made in practice, and filter out the bean curd residue.

3. Take a deep pot, pour in the remaining 500 ㏄ water and the bean oars after treatment 2, turn on the fire, boil the bean oars until they are foam, and then turn the fire to continue cooking for 10 minutes until the aroma of beans overflows, and then stop the fire.

4. Pour the bean paddle cooked in practice 3 into the filter screen and remove the sediment, that is, the original bean paddle. Add white granulated sugar appropriately according to your preference and stir it.

After we have clarified whether instant coffee soymilk powder has nutrients, we believe that miracles will have more people eating this special food. This special food is a special food that can be eaten more, and it is also a special food that children can eat. The content of the article also introduces in detail the methods of making bean oars. Everyone can also learn and train, and then choose their favorite methods to eat.


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