Difference between organic milk and pure milk

 Milk is a kind of nutritional health care product for drinking. There are many benefits for everyone's physical and mental health. Although many people also understand this, many people are not clear about the benefits of drinking milk every day. So, how can drinking milk every day benefit everyone? If you can persist in drinking milk every day. We have long known that drinking pure milk is good for our health. Now, with the improvement of our living standards and quality of life, we are facing more concerns about food safety. At this moment, everyone pursues perfect "organic chemistry", except milk. What is the difference between organic pure milk and pure milk?

Process / method:

1. The difference between organic pure milk and pure milk. Organic milk is safer. The difference between organic milk and general milk depends on the source of concentrate, the feeding method of dairy cows, and the way of milk treatment. The most obvious difference between organic chemical food and emerald green food in China is that the former one definitely prohibits the use of artificial substances such as chemical fertilizer, organic fertilizer and growth hormone in its production and production process, and pure milk is allowed to use this substance with restrictions. The production of organic chemical food is much more valuable than emerald green food. It is necessary to create a new and upgraded production management system and choose relative replacement technology. Only in that way, the organic milk produced by organic chemical dairy cows can maximize the storage of pure natural nutrients in milk, and the freshness of organic milk will be further improved.

2. Breeders cannot feed cows with auxin. If there are cows labeled with "organic chemistry", their milk cannot be fed with auxin. If there is growth hormone in milk, it will not only lack nutrients, but also continue to harm physical and mental health. Organic chemical cows should ensure the time of free range breeding.

3. If a cow really needs antibiotics, it can't go back to the cow to find its mother within a year. The feeding staff should receive milk and carry out testing barrel by barrel. If there is no antibiotic in the milk, then the baby cow can go home to find his mother.

common problem:

Compared with ordinary milk, organic milk has higher nutritional components, safer, more beneficial to physical and mental health, stronger aroma and stronger taste. Many countries regard the development trend of organic milk as another reform after the production of pollution-free milk and emerald green food. Organic milk is called milk pride, and organic milk has also become a new development trend of the development trend of the global dairy industry. When drinking pure milk, you must choose the milk to be healthier.


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