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Drinking beer in summer can cause seven diseases

 In summer, many people like to drink beer to reduce fire and relieve summer heat. Among alcoholic beverages, beer has the least alcohol content. The alcohol content of a liter of beer is equivalent to that of more than one or two Baijiu, so many people regard beer as a summer drink. However, if you drink too much without restraint, the alcohol accumulated in the body will damage liver function, increase the burden on the kidney, and adipocyte infiltration will also appear in myocardial tissue, weakening myocardial function and causing tachycardia; In addition, excessive fluid increases the amount of blood circulation and increases the burden on the heart, resulting in cardiac hypertrophy and ventricular volume expansion, forming a "beer heart". In the long run, it can cause heart failure, arrhythmia, etc. Drinking ice cold beer is more harmful. The temperature of ice cold beer is 20-30 ℃ lower than that of human body. Drinking a large amount of ice cold beer will rapidly red

Hot summer is suitable for cold and refreshing vegetables (the best food for summer heat dissipation)

 Summer is hot. In such a hot season, what we need is refreshing and thirst quenching delicious food to eliminate fire and heat for us. Cold dishes are crisp and energetic. They can be eaten raw or scalded in hot water. They are the best food for summer heat dissipation. Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to the dishes suitable for cold dishes, so that you can also make delicious food. Vegetables suitable for eating raw: most vegetables that can be eaten raw have sweet taste and crisp taste. Because heating will destroy nutrients and taste, they can usually be seasoned and mixed directly after washing, such as Chinese cabbage, cabbage, cucumber, etc. Vegetables suitable for both raw and cooked food: these vegetables have a unique smell, crisp taste, and often contain a lot of fiber. After washing, mix the raw food directly, and the taste is very fresh; If you mix it with hot water, the taste will become slightly soft, but it will not detract from the original flavor, such as celery, sw

How to deal with sleepiness? 7 ways to help you refresh your mind

 Spring is coming. Although it is a beautiful season, many people are easy to get sleepy in spring, especially office workers. They always take a nap after eating, and many people start to get sleepy at work. What should we do? Although the lunch break can help people supplement their sleep, we should also pay attention to scientific methods. Here I recommend a good way to take a nap and fundamentally eliminate spring fatigue. Although lunch break can help people supplement sleep, make the body get full rest, enhance physical strength, eliminate fatigue and improve afternoon work efficiency, it also needs to pay attention to scientific methods, otherwise it may backfire. 1. Don't go to bed immediately after lunch Taking a nap just after eating may cause food reflux, causing gastric juice to stimulate the esophagus, which may make people feel uncomfortable at least, and may cause reflux esophagitis in severe cases. Therefore, it is best to rest for about 20 minutes after lunch. 2. T

What sexual posture makes orgasm more perfect

 The correct sexual posture can enhance the sensory stimulation of men and women, obtain greater satisfaction, and promote the harmony between husband and wife. Now let's learn which correct sexual posture brings more fun to sexual life. 1. Male superior. More than 90% of couples choose this sexual posture. This position involves stretching, bowing and tightening, which can exercise chest muscles, deltoids, biceps and triceps well. When lying on her back, the woman can also stretch her back muscles, bow up, and tighten her abdominal muscles. During sex, she can also lift her body up and kiss her lover's lips or neck. Holding this position for half a minute can enhance the strength of the waist and abdomen. Dr. shive Gaji, a sex expert in New Delhi, said that when a man is on the top, his arms and shoulders are under more pressure, and his elbows and knees are balanced to the greatest extent, so his muscles are stretched. 2. Female superior. Dr. gagi said that female superiors c

Harm of instant soybean milk powder

 Is it better to drink instant coffee bean paddle or traditional bean paddle? Many relatives buy instant coffee and soybean milk powder at home for convenience. They can take it with boiled water. In fact, this kind of soybean paddle is more harmful. First of all, instant coffee soya bean milk powder has a fine taste, in which the sugar content is relatively high; Secondly, there is a kind of human fat powder inside. It takes at least 55 days for the body to metabolize from the human body. What's more, it is the main factor causing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Instant coffee bean paddle. Therefore, for the sake of their own physical and mental health, I suggest that it's better for everyone to drink traditional bean paddles. If you don't want to be able to make soybean milk at home, you can choose to buy it in a breakfast shop outside. Drinking bean paddles with rich nutrients will only take a few minutes. If the bean oars in your store are brewed with soybe

Difference between organic milk and pure milk

 Milk is a kind of nutritional health care product for drinking. There are many benefits for everyone's physical and mental health. Although many people also understand this, many people are not clear about the benefits of drinking milk every day. So, how can drinking milk every day benefit everyone? If you can persist in drinking milk every day. We have long known that drinking pure milk is good for our health. Now, with the improvement of our living standards and quality of life, we are facing more concerns about food safety. At this moment, everyone pursues perfect "organic chemistry", except milk. What is the difference between organic pure milk and pure milk? Process / method: 1. The difference between organic pure milk and pure milk. Organic milk is safer. The difference between organic milk and general milk depends on the source of concentrate, the feeding method of dairy cows, and the way of milk treatment. The most obvious difference between organic chemical food