You must know the harm of male sedentary

 We all know that girls' sedentary is very harmful to their health. In fact, boys can't be sedentary, and sedentary will also harm men's health. However, in today's society, many jobs require people to be sedentary for a long time. Do you know the harm of men's sedentary? How do sedentary people exercise?

What harm does male sedentary have

1. Men are sedentary for a long time, which has great pressure on men's prostate, which is easy to lead to poor blood circulation of prostate. Over time, it is easy to cause prostatitis and endanger the health of men's prostate.
2. Male sedentary for a long time is also easy to lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain, resulting in memory loss, insomnia and fatigue, which will increase the possibility of suffering from Alzheimer's disease.
3. Men are sedentary for a long time, which is also easy to cause a variety of adverse symptoms, such as obesity, cervical stiffness, low back pain and so on.

How do sedentary people exercise

1. If a sedentary person wants to relax his shoulders and neck, he can sit in a chair, slowly support his chest, then open his shoulders back, and then return to the original state. This action can be repeated more than ten times, which has the function of moving and relaxing his shoulders and neck.
2. Sedentary people want to relax their legs. They can sit in a chair, lift their toes and contract the muscles of their lower legs and thighs at the same time, and then lift their heels, keep the muscles contracting for about 15 seconds, and then relax. This action can be repeated for 5 minutes.

What food is suitable for sedentary people

1. Sedentary people are suitable to eat some water spinach, because water spinach is rich in plant fiber, which can promote body metabolism and alleviate symptoms such as constipation and hemorrhoids.
2. Sedentary people are also suitable to eat some sweet potatoes, because sweet potatoes have the functions of promoting blood circulation and defecation. Sedentary people can alleviate the stagnation of Qi and blood caused by sedentary.
3. Sedentary people are also suitable for eating radish. Radish can promote the decomposition of fat in the body and prevent obesity caused by sedentary.


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