What should I do after weaning? Can the baby be weaned in seven months?

 What should I do after weaning?

1. Diet nourishing breast enhancement: after weaning, you can flatten your chest. You can nourish your body from diet and eat more foods rich in protein and collagen, such as milk, eggs, papaya, nuts and other foods, which can help breast enhancement.
2. Massage breast enhancement: if baomoms have flat breasts after weaning, they can also have chest massage. Insisting on massaging the chest every day has a certain breast enhancement effect.
3. Exercise breast enhancement: Baoma also need exercise every day. Appropriate exercise can also help Baoma breast enhancement, such as rope skipping, swimming, jogging and so on.

Can the baby be weaned in seven months?

You can start adding complementary foods and wean gradually.
Weaning your baby is a step-by-step process. You can't cut it off completely at once, because your baby can't stand it, so you should gradually add supplementary food from this time, let your baby get used to eating and reduce the amount of breast milk.

What are the preparations for baby weaning

1. Choose the right age group
Generally, the baby can be weaned after 8 months. After 8 months, the baby's gastrointestinal tract has been further improved. You can eat some supplementary foods appropriately. In addition, the supply of milk powder can well meet the nutrients needed for the baby's physical growth.
2. Choose to wean your baby in a healthy state
When the baby is in good health, his own digestion ability is relatively good, he is more able to accept new complementary foods, and he is also very easy to digest.


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