What is the reason for boys' rough skin? What is the method for boys to maintain their skin

 In daily life, not only girls pay attention to skin care, but more and more boys also begin to pay attention to skin care, but we all know that most boys' skin is rough. Do you know what causes boys' rough skin? In addition, what are the methods for boys to maintain their skin?

Reasons for boys' rough skin

1. Boys' rough skin may be caused by long-term smoking and drinking. Many boys have the habit of smoking and drinking. Long term smoking is easy to cause skin oil to block pores, and long-term drinking is also easy to produce acne.
2. In addition, the reason for boys' rough skin may also be that they stay up late for a long time. Staying up late will lead to metabolic disorder, resulting in dark, rough skin, acne and other problems.
3. Boys' rough skin may also be caused by their daily lack of attention to skin care. They do not care for their skin and are naturally rough after being exposed to the wind and sun for a long time.

How do boys maintain their skin

1. First of all, boys pay attention to skin cleaning every day. They should wash their face with a facial cleanser suitable for their skin, which can clean their skin and balance skin secretions.
2, other boys maintain skin, also need to pay attention to daily replenishment and moisturizing, pay attention to wash your face every day after applying moisturizing lotion and cream.
3. Boys also need to pay attention to sunscreen in their daily skin care. We all know that UV new does great harm to the skin. Sunscreen can protect the skin very well.

What does the boy eat good for the skin

1. Boys eat more fruits every day, such as grapes, grapefruit, lemon, apple, blueberry, etc. these fruits are rich in vitamins, cellulose and antioxidant components, which have an excellent role in skin care.
2. Boys can also eat more seasonal vegetables every day. Vegetables are also rich in vitamins and cellulose, which is also good for people's skin health.


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