How to prevent epidemic in winter? These prevention work should be done well

 Now it is winter. With the increasingly cold climate, in order to avoid the resurgence of epidemic in China, it is recommended that everyone do a good job in epidemic prevention every day, which can not only protect their own health and life safety, but also protect others. Do you know how to prevent epidemic in winter? Come and learn!

How to prevent epidemic in winter

1. First of all, when you go out, you must wear masks, especially in some densely populated places, and always pay attention not to have close contact with others.
2, when you eat out, you should use public chopsticks and public spoons, and divide the serving of individual dishes, and do not eat raw food or half eaten food.
3. When people cough and sneeze in public places, they should cover it with paper towels, and their mouth and nose secretions should be wrapped with paper towels and thrown into the dustbin.
4. When people go out, they should not touch the surface of handrails, railings, doors, elevator keys and other public goods as much as possible. If they must touch, remember to disinfect their hands in time after contact.

How to prevent epidemic at home in winter

1. First of all, when people go out and come home, they must disinfect, and wash their hands first, so as to avoid carrying bacteria home.
2. We spend more time indoors in winter, so we should pay attention to opening windows for ventilation and regular household cleaning.
3. In winter, people should pay attention to three meals a day, eat healthily, go to bed early and get up early, so as to maintain some good health.

What should we pay attention to in winter epidemic prevention

1. First of all, people who have not been vaccinated need to be vaccinated as soon as possible, which can provide a layer of protection for the body.
2. In addition, when you go out in winter, try to reduce the time you stay outside, and you'd better not go to crowded and closed places, which can reduce the risk of infection.
3. In daily life, we also need to pay more attention to food hygiene. We must buy food in formal supermarkets and markets.


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