Can you still have a sex between husband and wife after pregnancy? Pay attention to the sexual life of couples during pregnancy

 Women in pregnancy is a very important period, so many people think that during pregnancy, couples can't have a sex between husband and wife, otherwise it may affect the health of the fetus, but some people think it doesn't, so can they have a sex between husband and wife after pregnancy? What should we pay attention to?

Can you still have husband and wife sex after pregnancy

It just depends.
For some healthy pregnant women, in fact, sex between husband and wife is not allowed except for the first three months of pregnancy and after 36 weeks of pregnancy. sex between husband and wife can be properly carried out for a period of time. However, some pregnant women are weak, have a history of abortion, premature birth, or have adverse reactions such as vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain, which are not suitable for sex between husband and wife.

What should husband and wife pay attention to after pregnancy

1. After pregnancy, if both husband and wife want to live a sex between husband and wife, they must pay attention to the cleaning of private places before sex between husband and wife to ensure hygiene, so as to prevent bacteria from entering the pregnant woman's body and endangering the health of pregnant women and fetus.
2. In addition, after pregnancy, both husband and wife need to pay attention to the mild time, be sure to move gently and do not take too long.
3. After pregnancy, it is best for couples to bring condoms, so as to avoid the contraction of uterine and fallopian tube smooth muscle.

What should husband and wife pay attention to sexual life after pregnancy

1. Proper sex between husband and wife after pregnancy can increase the hormone index of mothers during pregnancy and make pregnant women and fetuses feel better.
2. Proper marital sex after pregnancy is also conducive to the physical and mental health of pregnant women and the healthy development of the fetus.
3. Proper sex between husband and wife in the third trimester can also help give birth to midwifery.


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