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Can you still have a sex between husband and wife after pregnancy? Pay attention to the sexual life of couples during pregnancy

 Women in pregnancy is a very important period, so many people think that during pregnancy, couples can't have a sex between husband and wife, otherwise it may affect the health of the fetus, but some people think it doesn't, so can they have a sex between husband and wife after pregnancy? What should we pay attention to? Can you still have husband and wife sex after pregnancy It just depends. For some healthy pregnant women, in fact,  sex between husband and wife  is not allowed except for the first three months of pregnancy and after 36 weeks of pregnancy.  sex between husband and wife  can be properly carried out for a period of time. However, some pregnant women are weak, have a history of abortion, premature birth, or have adverse reactions such as vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain, which are not suitable for  sex between husband and wife . What should husband and wife pay attention to after pregnancy 1. After pregnancy, if both husband and wife want to live a  sex betwe

In winter, you need fat to resist cold. How can thin people gain weight healthily in winter?

 As we all know, fat people are more frost resistant than thin people because they have fat in their body, and thin people are more afraid of the cold in winter. Many people think that if they want to resist the cold in winter, they can gain weight appropriately. Do you think thin people need to gain weight in winter? What are the methods of healthy fattening? Do thin people need to gain weight in winter It just depends. If some thin people are healthy and have a balanced fat content and muscle content, they can not be fattened. As long as we eat more nutritious food and wear more clothes, they are actually cold resistant enough. However, for some too thin people, if they want better cold resistance and warmth in winter, they can be fattened appropriately, It is also good for health. How can thin people gain weight healthily 1. If the body is thin due to poor intestines and stomach, it is recommended that you first regulate your intestines and stomach and eat more food that is easy to

How to prevent epidemic in winter? These prevention work should be done well

 Now it is winter. With the increasingly cold climate, in order to avoid the resurgence of epidemic in China, it is recommended that everyone do a good job in epidemic prevention every day, which can not only protect their own health and life safety, but also protect others. Do you know how to prevent epidemic in winter? Come and learn! How to prevent epidemic in winter 1. First of all, when you go out, you must wear masks, especially in some densely populated places, and always pay attention not to have close contact with others. 2, when you eat out, you should use public chopsticks and public spoons, and divide the serving of individual dishes, and do not eat raw food or half eaten food. 3. When people cough and sneeze in public places, they should cover it with paper towels, and their mouth and nose secretions should be wrapped with paper towels and thrown into the dustbin. 4. When people go out, they should not touch the surface of handrails, railings, doors, elevator keys and othe

What should I do after weaning? Can the baby be weaned in seven months?

 What should I do after weaning? 1. Diet nourishing breast enhancement: after weaning, you can flatten your chest. You can nourish your body from diet and eat more foods rich in protein and collagen, such as milk, eggs, papaya, nuts and other foods, which can help breast enhancement. 2. Massage breast enhancement: if baomoms have flat breasts after weaning, they can also have chest massage. Insisting on massaging the chest every day has a certain breast enhancement effect. 3. Exercise breast enhancement: Baoma also need exercise every day. Appropriate exercise can also help Baoma breast enhancement, such as rope skipping, swimming, jogging and so on. Can the baby be weaned in seven months? You can start adding complementary foods and wean gradually. Weaning your baby is a step-by-step process. You can't cut it off completely at once, because your baby can't stand it, so you should gradually add supplementary food from this time, let your baby get used to eating and reduce the a

What is the reason for boys' rough skin? What is the method for boys to maintain their skin

 In daily life, not only girls pay attention to skin care, but more and more boys also begin to pay attention to skin care, but we all know that most boys' skin is rough. Do you know what causes boys' rough skin? In addition, what are the methods for boys to maintain their skin? Reasons for boys' rough skin 1. Boys' rough skin may be caused by long-term smoking and drinking. Many boys have the habit of smoking and drinking. Long term smoking is easy to cause skin oil to block pores, and long-term drinking is also easy to produce acne. 2. In addition, the reason for boys' rough skin may also be that they stay up late for a long time. Staying up late will lead to metabolic disorder, resulting in dark, rough skin, acne and other problems. 3. Boys' rough skin may also be caused by their daily lack of attention to skin care. They do not care for their skin and are naturally rough after being exposed to the wind and sun for a long time. How do boys maintain thei

You must know the harm of male sedentary

 We all know that girls' sedentary is very harmful to their health. In fact, boys can't be sedentary, and sedentary will also harm men's health. However, in today's society, many jobs require people to be sedentary for a long time. Do you know the harm of men's sedentary? How do sedentary people exercise? What harm does male sedentary have 1. Men are sedentary for a long time, which has great pressure on men's prostate, which is easy to lead to poor blood circulation of prostate. Over time, it is easy to cause prostatitis and endanger the health of men's prostate. 2. Male sedentary for a long time is also easy to lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain, resulting in memory loss, insomnia and fatigue, which will increase the possibility of suffering from Alzheimer's disease. 3. Men are sedentary for a long time, which is also easy to cause a variety of adverse symptoms, such as obesity, cervical stiffness, low back pain and so on. How do sedentary