What foods are good for the health of teeth? What reason is tooth yellowing?

 Teeth are very important to us, because people need to chew food with teeth in their daily diet. Therefore, in order to have a normal diet, we must pay attention to protecting teeth in our daily life. Do you know which foods are beneficial to the health of teeth? What is the reason for yellow teeth?

What foods are good for the health of teeth

1. Bananas: eating bananas is good for people's tooth health, because bananas are rich in vitamin C. eating bananas can protect tooth health and avoid tooth loosening.
2. Tea: tea is also beneficial to people's tooth health, because tea contains fluorine, which can resist acid, prevent tooth decay and reduce the breeding of oral bacteria.
3. Garlic: protect your teeth. You can also eat some garlic. Garlic has the effect of sterilization and anti-inflammatory, and can avoid the breeding of bacteria in your mouth.

What reason is tooth yellowing

1. Inadequate cleaning: yellowing of teeth may be due to inadequate daily cleaning, resulting in residual food residues, dental calculus, soft dirt, etc. on the surface of teeth.
2. Improper diet: People's teeth turn yellow, which may also be caused by improper diet. They often eat some food with heavy color, which is easy to leave color on their teeth over time.

What should we pay attention to to to protect tooth health

1. To protect tooth health, we should pay attention to brushing our teeth regularly. We need to brush and clean our teeth in the morning and evening and half an hour after dinner.
2. To protect your teeth, you'd better eat more foods rich in calcium, vegetables and fruits, which can supplement nutrition to your teeth.
3. To protect dental health, we can also wash our teeth regularly and have dental health checks regularly.


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