The right way to spray perfume, what should we pay attention to when using perfume?


Perfume is very common in everyday life. Some fine men and women wear perfume. Perfume can help people change their temperament and charm. So perfume is popular among many people. But many people do not spray perfume. So what is the right way to spray perfume? What should we pay attention to when we spray perfume?

The right way to spray perfume

1, spray method: you can spray perfume in the air before wearing clothes, and then let the body pass through the perfume, so that the fragrance can be evenly dispersed in all parts of the body, and it will not be too strong.
2, dot coating method: in addition, you can also spray perfume on the wrist, then press each other with your wrist, then press the perfume on your wrist on the back of people's ears, and the latter is neck.

What's wrong with perfume?

1, first of all, we should avoid spraying perfume directly on the skin, especially not on the face, so as not to irritate the skin and cause skin discomfort.
2, in addition, when you spray perfume, do not spray perfume on the place that is easy to be exposed to the sun, because perfume will react with ultraviolet light to cause skin darkening.

Notes on using perfume

1, first of all, we should note that people with skin sensitivity or skin allergy should not let perfume directly contact with the skin, so as not to aggravate skin diseases.
2, we also need to note that special people are not suitable for spraying perfume, such as pregnant women, infants, and lactating women are not suitable for spraying perfume, so as not to affect their health.
3, finally, we should note that patients with respiratory diseases, such as asthma and tracheitis, are not suitable for spraying perfume, so as not to induce diseases.


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