The best time to exercise in autumn. What exercise items are suitable for autumn?

 The weather in autumn is gradually cool, the daily temperature difference is larger, and the temperature is also very changeable. Therefore, some people with low immunity begin to actively exercise in order to enhance immunity and prevent diseases. Do you know when the best time for exercise in autumn is? What exercise program is suitable for autumn?

The best time to exercise in autumn

1. After sunrise: if you want to exercise earlier in autumn, you can choose to exercise after sunrise at about 9 o'clock. The temperature will not be too low and the air is very good, which is very suitable for exercise.
2. Four or five p.m.: in addition, around four or five p.m., it is also very suitable for everyone to exercise. During this period, the oxygen content is very high, and it is better to exercise in the park.

What exercise program is suitable for autumn

1. Long distance running: it is suitable for long-distance running in autumn. Long distance running is a very good aerobic exercise, which can exercise the muscles and bones of the whole body, promote the blood circulation and metabolism of the body, and enhance the body's immunity.
2. Mountaineering: mountaineering in autumn is also a very good exercise method. The climate is cool in autumn. Mountaineering can adjust the heart and lungs, exercise limbs, and enhance physical quality and physical coordination.

What should we pay attention to in autumn

1. First of all, we should pay attention to whether we exercise in the morning or in the evening, do not fasting, so as not to affect our health.
2. We need to pay attention to replenishing water for exercise in autumn, because the climate is dry in autumn and the humidity in the air is very low. It is easier to cause dry and uncomfortable throat during exercise.
3. For outdoor exercise in autumn, we'd better choose to do it in a relatively open park. Don't exercise in places with many people and cars. Air pollution is more serious.
The above is the best time for autumn exercise, what exercise items are suitable for autumn, and what to pay attention to in autumn exercise. I hope it will help you. In addition, I will continue to strive to edit more high-quality content for you. I hope you can pay more attention to me.


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