How harmful is staying up late? Going to bed early is good for health

 We all know that going to bed early and getting up early is one of the good habits of health preservation, but in today's society, many people will stay up late, especially some young people, and staying up late is harmful to people's health. Do you know how harmful it is to stay up late? How to avoid going to bed late?

How harmful is staying up late

1. People who sleep late for a long time can easily lead to the decline of body immunity, endocrine disorders and metabolic disorders, which is more likely to lead to people getting sick.
2. In addition, people go to bed late for a long time, which is easy to affect the decomposition of body fat, resulting in obesity, decreased muscle rate and other problems.
3. Staying up late for a long time is also easy to damage the health of people's liver, heart, brain and other parts.

How to avoid going to bed late

1. Develop good living habits. Things during the day must not be delayed until night. It's best to make arrangements for yourself and work and rest according to your own plan, so as to effectively avoid going to bed late and staying up late.
2. Because now many people go to bed late because of electronic products, it is best not to use electronic products before going to bed at night. Develop the habit of not playing with mobile phones before going to bed, which can well avoid going to bed late.

What's the best time to sleep at night

Around 10:00.
We all know that the night is the time for all organs of the human body to rest and detoxify, so we must not go to bed late. It is suggested that we go to bed around 10 o'clock, which can ensure that people have seven or eight hours of sufficient sleep every day, meet the needs of the human body for a day, and is also beneficial to people's health.


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