How can middle-aged and elderly people supplement calcium quickly? The best age for calcium supplement

 The middle-aged and elderly people are very common and prone to calcium deficiency. We all know that calcium is an important nutritional element in the human body. If it is lacking, it will seriously affect people's physical and bone health. Do you know how to supplement calcium quickly in the middle-aged and elderly? In addition, when is the best age for calcium supplementation?

Methods of rapid calcium supplement for middle-aged and elderly people

1. Dietary calcium supplement: middle-aged and elderly people are suitable for dietary calcium supplement. They can eat more dairy products, bean products, kelp, shrimp skin, animal bones and other foods. These foods are rich in calcium, which can help people supplement calcium well.
2. Calcium supplement: if the middle-aged and elderly people are seriously short of calcium, they can also take calcium supplements, which is what we often call calcium tablets. The effect of calcium supplement with calcium tablets will be better. You can go to pharmacies to choose calcium tablets suitable for you.

The best age for calcium supplement

1. Early childhood, childhood and adolescence: everyone's stage from childhood to childhood to adolescence is an important stage of growth and development, in which bone development needs sufficient calcium to support, so this period is suitable for calcium supplementation.
2. Young adults: if calcium is not supplemented in young adults, it may affect the health of bones and teeth. With the increase of youth, it is more likely to lead to osteoporosis in the middle-aged and elderly.
3. Old age: in old age, calcium in bone is the most easily lost, prone to osteoporosis, so calcium supplement is most needed.

What time does calcium supplement have a good effect

1. Before going to bed: before going to bed is a very suitable period for calcium supplement, because the effect of calcium supplement in sleep is the best. You can drink a glass of milk before going to bed, which is conducive to calcium supplement and improve sleep.
2. After dinner: it is also a suitable time for calcium supplement after dinner, because calcium supplement at other times is not conducive to the absorption of calcium by the human body. Postprandial calcium supplement can ensure the full utilization of calcium.
The above is the method of rapid calcium supplement for the middle-aged and elderly, the best time period for calcium supplement, and when the calcium supplement effect is good. I hope it will be helpful to you. In addition, I will continue to strive to edit more high-quality content for you. I hope you can pay more attention to me.


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