How to nurse cracked skin in winter

 Dry skin is the most common form of dry skin in the winter.Of course, moisturizing and moisturizing is important, but once your skin is severely dehydrated, it tends to age prematurely, leading to rough skin that can lead to wrinkles and other signs of aging.The following is about "how to take care of dry skin in winter" related content, let's have a look!

1. Replenish collagen

Women need collagen, and so do men.The loss of collagen can lead to dry skin.Therefore, men usually have to be targeted to eat more collagen-rich foods, such as soy pig trotters soup, tremella and jujube soup, which can help you replace the lost collagen.

2. Wear cotton underwear

To avoid dry skin, pay attention to the fabric of your clothes.It is best to use cotton underwear, which reduces static electricity and thus reduces the likelihood of dry skin.Because chemical fabrics can easily cause static electricity and dry skin.Therefore, cotton underwear is the best choice for moisturizing skin.

3. Potted plants improve the environment

Working in an air-conditioned environment can easily lead to dry skin.Therefore, you need to improve the dry office environment.Plants that like shade are good for water retention and can improve the microenvironment of your office, so you can buy a pot and keep it near your computer to keep it from drying out.

4. Drink water correctly, three times a day

If your skin is dry, drink a cup of honey and date water right after waking up.It can nourish Yin, moisten lung, adjust skin tone.Drink a cup of pu-cha after lunch to keep it moisturizing and antioxidant.Drink a glass of warm water in the evening to rehydrate.This routine and correct diet can effectively combat dry skin.

5.Protect against cold weather

Cold and dryness are the main causes of cracked hands and feet, and preventing cold and warmth is important to prevent cracked hands and feet.During the severe winter months, special care must be taken to keep hands warm so gloves can be worn.

6, reduce exposure to cold water

In order to avoid dry hands and feet, contact with cold water should be minimized in daily life.Stimulating cold water can easily reduce the sebum secretion of the skin, which can lead to dry and dry skin.Therefore, it is generally necessary to pay more attention to wash your hands using warm water and not being stimulated by cold water.


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