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More than 90% of the big belly is visceral obesity. Paying attention to these five points on weekdays can help you get rid of the trouble of big belly

The body accumulation of fat will naturally attract our attention, attention to the figure of friends can immediately eliminate it, but visceral fat is not the same, it is deeply hidden in the body, even if the thin people may also be visceral fat, and clinical experience shows that 90% of the pot belly are visceral obesity patients. A certain amount of visceral fat is supportive, stable and protective for the body's organs, however, excessive long-term visceral fat will lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Visceral fat and subcutaneous fat have a concurrent relationship, visceral fat is not reduced, only subcutaneous fat is to treat the symptoms but not the root cause, want to lose weight friends must not ignore visceral fat. Pay attention to these few things in your daily life can help you lose weight effectively. 1. Consuming more dietary fiber The diet is rich in dietary fiber, such as beans and grains, mushrooms, vegetables, sesame seeds, etc. Dietary fiber can

How to nurse cracked skin in winter

  Dry skin is the most common form of dry skin in the winter. Of course, moisturizing and moisturizing is important, but once your skin is severely dehydrated, it tends to age prematurely, leading to rough skin that can lead to wrinkles and other signs of aging. The following is about "how to take care of dry skin in winter" related content, let's have a look! 1. Replenish collagen Women need collagen, and so do men. The loss of collagen can lead to dry skin. Therefore, men usually have to be targeted to eat more collagen-rich foods, such as soy pig trotters soup, tremella and jujube soup, which can help you replace the lost collagen. 2. Wear cotton underwear To avoid dry skin, pay attention to the fabric of your clothes. It is best to use cotton underwear, which reduces static electricity and thus reduces the likelihood of dry skin. Because chemical fabrics can easily cause static electricity and dry skin. Therefore, cotton underwear is the best choice for moisturizing s