What vegetables should we eat when we catch a cold and cough?

 During colds and coughs, you can help speed up the healing of colds and coughs if you eat some vegetables that are healing for colds and coughs.Here's what vegetables to eat when you have a cold or cough from xisen.

1, turnip

If you have a cough for days, it can be difficult to sleep at night.You can buy some white radishes and cut them into thin slices every night and boil them with water.When the radish is cooked, strain it out in a teacup or small bowl with water and cool it slightly before drinking.It can reduce coughing.If you drink it for a few days, your cough will go away.

2, pumpkin

Pumpkin is a very good food, especially pumpkin can be used as vegetables or their own staple food, it has a very good effect on cold improvement, because in pumpkin it is rich in vitamins and pectin, especially eliminate bacteria and toxins in our body, and has a good detoxification effect.

3,  the white onion 

Prepare the white onion and 15 grams of cilantro, put them into the pot after washing, add an appropriate amount of water to stew, after waiting to be used, you can drink cooking, has a very good cold removal effect, has a very good improvement on the external cold.A bowl of rice every day is a good choice.

4.Chinese cabbage

Chinese cabbage is rich in dietary fiber, carotene, a little protein, fat and so on.Chinese cabbage is high in dietary fiber, vitamin A and vitamin C, which is very helpful for human intestinal health, vision development and immunity.It has the function of digesting food;In addition, it has the effect of clearing lungs and relieving cough.


Zucchini is rich in water and, due to its nature and content, has the effect of clearing heat and diuresis, eliminating irritability and thirst, and moistening the lungs.It has the effect of relieving cough.It should be noted that zucchini is cold in nature, the spleen and stomach are deficient and cold, and the stool is scarce and not edible, let alone eaten raw.


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