What vegetable does winter eat most preserve one's health?

 What's the best kind of vegetable to eat in winter?Winter is a good time to keep healthy, so it is necessary to pay attention to a reasonable diet in life and eat more vegetables that are good for the body.So what's the best vegetable to eat in winter?Let xisen take you to find out the answer.

1. Cabbage

It contains 3.5 times more vitamin C than tomatoes and twice as much calcium as cucumbers.Cabbage also contains more trace elements molybdenum and manganese, which are important raw materials for the body to produce active substances such as enzymes and hormones.It can promote the material metabolism of the human body and is very beneficial to the growth and development of children.Its large amount of vitamin C can enhance the body's ability to fight cancer.

2. Baby Cabbage

Chinese medicine believes that cabbage can nourish the stomach, taste slightly bitter, can make the stomach smooth.Bok choy is rich in vitamin C and calcium, as well as iron, phosphorus, carotene and B vitamins.Cabbages, or cabbages, have a bitter and bland taste that can benefit the heart and kidneys, strengthen the spleen and stomach, relieve pain and promote the healing of stomach and duodenal ulcers.

3.Bean sprouts

Soy and mung beans contain high amounts of protein, fat, and carbohydrates, as well as sodium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, and other essential dietary micronutrients.Bean sprouts can not only keep the original material, but also increase the vitamin content, which is conducive to relieving fatigue.The chlorophyll in bean sprouts can prevent and treat colorectal cancer.

4, yam

Chinese yam contains a variety of trace elements and has a good nutritional effect.Yams are also rich in vitamins and minerals and relatively low in calories.More yams in winter facilitate the absorption of food nutrients.Chinese yam is a nourishing food for Traditional Chinese medicine.Especially suitable for people with weak spleen and stomach before eating.

5, celery

Celery naturally cool, can make the liver calm, stomach, sweet and non-toxic, rich in sugar, protein, carotene, vitamin C, amino acids, can promote gastric secretion, appetite, and has the effect of expectorant.Celery can be mixed with dried meat and meat.Fried foods, such as silk, are brightly colored and have a strong aroma.

6, cauliflower

Every 200 grams of fresh broccoli is rich in vitamins and can provide more than 75% of an adult's daily dietary vitamin needs.Its vitamin C content is more outstanding, up to 80 milligrams per 100 grams, which is three to four times that of ordinary Chinese cabbage and bean sprouts, and two times that of citrus.


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