What good does winter prevent frostbite eat

 In cold winter, especially in cold places, exposed skin can easily be frostbitten by cold air, which can damage the skin or cause long-term discomfort.Here is xisen about "what to eat in winter to prevent frostbite" related content, let's have a look!

1. Oral vitamin E

Taking vitamin E orally, 100 mg three times, boosts blood flow in capillaries, increases skin temperature,
and helps prevent colds and freezing.

2. Oral nitrobenzene arsenic tablets

Nitrobenzene pyridine tablets taken orally 10 to 20mg 3 times can dilate peripheral arteries and reduce the effects of peripheral artery resistance, but should not be used in people with headache, rapid heartbeat, heart disease, or dizziness.It is best to take it under the guidance of a professional doctor.

3.Eat more beef and lamb

In cold winter, eating more beef and mutton can also prevent frostbite.Cattle and sheep are high calorie foods, which can warm and activate the kidneys and Yang qi, improve nutrient supply and appropriately enhance the cold resistance of the human body.Reduce the frequency of frostbite.

4, Angelica boiled eggs

For many people who change frostbite regularly, they only think about treatment every time they get frostbite.In winter, you can often cook eggs with angelica, add a little brown sugar to your food, and drink more angelica soup.It has the function of promoting blood circulation and supplementing blood, promoting blood circulation, improving body temperature and enhancing cold resistance.


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