The reason that grows chilblain in winter

 In the cold winter, due to the relatively low temperature, people's resistance will also decrease.In this condition, many people are vulnerable to frostbite on their hands and feet.Here's Xisen on why people get frostbite in the winter.

1. Physical discomfort

The first thing people feel about winter is that it's too cold.Weak people are more susceptible to frostbite because of the cold.Because frail people who are frozen in the winter can damage their capillaries, their own weakness can lead to a shortage of blood that can't be repaired immediately.If the blood is not clear, frostbite can easily occur.

2, sweat hands and feet easily

People with a hot constitution often sweat even in the cold winter, but due to the bare hands and feet, the cold winter climate, and extremely low temperature, under repeated exercise, cold and hot form a sharp contrast.Hands and feet do not adapt to extreme temperature differences and are often itchy and painful.This is what people often call frostbite.

3. Incorrect heating methods

The cold weather in winter makes it quicker to get rid of the cold feeling by quickly putting hands and feet over a fire when entering a warm room.In fact, this is the wrong way to heat it.Cold outdoor weather tightens the blood vessels on the skin's surface, and warm indoor weather doesn't really relieve the temporary tightness.In the long run, heat can cause frostbite to hands and feet.

4, congenital physical factors

In winter, due to congenital physiological factors, such as congenital blood vessel changes, blood vessel stenosis, etc., in cold weather, blood flow in the body will become not smooth, resulting in blood stasis or blood can not maintain normal physical conditions.The most direct manifestation of this symptom is the susceptibility to frostbite.


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