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What fruit to eat when winter cough is good to the body?

  It is easy to cough because of the cold air in winter. Keep warm every day, avoid coughing and getting angry because of dry weather, and wear more clothes. Taking precautions against the cold every day is an important way to prevent disease. Here is what fruit is good to eat when coughing in winter. Take a look! 1,  tangerines Tangerines are rich in vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, beta-carotene, citric acid, hesperidin and other nutrients, which can promote body fluids and quench thirst, soothe the liver, regulate qi deficiency and appetizer. Therefore, eating  tangerines  in moderation can relieve winter coughs. 2. orange Autumn and winter are the harvest seasons for oranges. After eating some oranges, people felt comfortable everywhere. In addition, it can also produce fluids to relieve coughing, moisten lungs, reduce phlegm and diuretic. But be aware that some people may get angry when they eat oranges, so try steaming or grilled oranges instead. Cough relief really works. 3, grap

The reason that grows chilblain in winter

  In the cold winter, due to the relatively low temperature, people's resistance will also decrease. In this condition, many people are vulnerable to frostbite on their hands and feet. Here's Xisen on why people get frostbite in the winter. 1. Physical discomfort The first thing people feel about winter is that it's too cold. Weak people are more susceptible to frostbite because of the cold. Because frail people who are frozen in the winter can damage their capillaries, their own weakness can lead to a shortage of blood that can't be repaired immediately. If the blood is not clear, frostbite can easily occur. 2, sweat hands and feet easily People with a hot constitution often sweat even in the cold winter, but due to the bare hands and feet, the cold winter climate, and extremely low temperature, under repeated exercise, cold and hot form a sharp contrast. Hands and feet do not adapt to extreme temperature differences and are often itchy and painful. This is what people

What vegetables should we eat when we catch a cold and cough?

  During colds and coughs, you can help speed up the healing of colds and coughs if you eat some vegetables that are healing for colds and coughs. Here's what vegetables to eat when you have a cold or cough from xisen. 1, turnip If you have a cough for days, it can be difficult to sleep at night. You can buy some white radishes and cut them into thin slices every night and boil them with water. When the radish is cooked, strain it out in a teacup or small bowl with water and cool it slightly before drinking. It can reduce coughing. If you drink it for a few days, your cough will go away. 2, pumpkin Pumpkin is a very good food, especially pumpkin can be used as vegetables or their own staple food, it has a very good effect on cold improvement, because in pumpkin it is rich in vitamins and pectin, especially eliminate bacteria and toxins in our body, and has a good detoxification effect. 3,    the white onion   Prepare the white onion and 15 grams of cilantro, put them into the pot a

What good does winter prevent frostbite eat

  In cold winter, especially in cold places, exposed skin can easily be frostbitten by cold air, which can damage the skin or cause long-term discomfort. Here is xisen about "what to eat in winter to prevent frostbite" related content, let's have a look! 1. Oral vitamin E Taking vitamin E orally, 100 mg three times, boosts blood flow in capillaries, increases skin temperature, and helps prevent colds and freezing. 2. Oral nitrobenzene arsenic tablets Nitrobenzene pyridine tablets taken orally 10 to 20mg 3 times can dilate peripheral arteries and reduce the effects of peripheral artery resistance, but should not be used in people with headache, rapid heartbeat, heart disease, or dizziness. It is best to take it under the guidance of a professional doctor. 3. Eat more beef and lamb In cold winter, eating more beef and mutton can also prevent frostbite. Cattle and sheep are high calorie foods, which can warm and activate the kidneys and Yang qi, improve nutrient supply and a

What vegetable does winter eat most preserve one's health?

  What's the best kind of vegetable to eat in winter? Winter is a good time to keep healthy, so it is necessary to pay attention to a reasonable diet in life and eat more vegetables that are good for the body. So what's the best vegetable to eat in winter? Let xisen take you to find out the answer. 1. Cabbage It contains 3.5 times more vitamin C than tomatoes and twice as much calcium as cucumbers. Cabbage also contains more trace elements molybdenum and manganese, which are important raw materials for the body to produce active substances such as enzymes and hormones. It can promote the material metabolism of the human body and is very beneficial to the growth and development of children. Its large amount of vitamin C can enhance the body's ability to fight cancer. 2. Baby Cabbage Chinese medicine believes that cabbage can nourish the stomach, taste slightly bitter, can make the stomach smooth. Bok choy is rich in vitamin C and calcium, as well as iron, phosphorus, caroten